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10 Commandments of Close Combat CT Ops

1. Don’t send large number of troops to do the job of a small team. Maintain local Command & Control depending upon moment to moment situation appraisal.

2. Use small teams as force multipliers by adding superior firepower and resource. Carry short range weapons for room intervention.

3. Act with stealth and surprise, don’t lose this greatest advantage.

4. Take responsibility of your own zone of function and depend upon your buddies to take responsibility for theirs.

5. Shoot first, shoot fast and shoot on any part of the target.

6. Do not empty your magazine with mindless burst fire. Always reload under cover or under buddy coverfire.

7. Try to avoid collateral damage. Remember to consider ricochets.

8. Expect a small percentage of hostage and civilian casualty.

9. The Op is always more important than the comfort or wellbeing of your self or your buddies. Cater to injury management only after the operation.

10. Don’t change the Team members. Train with the Team, Play with the Team and Fight battles with the Team.