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2003-2004 Terror Events

Mindanao Island, Philippines

On Jan 4, A homemade explosive device, detonated on a motorbike, targeting the city’s mayor giving a speech at a gymnasium. 87 were injured & 14 killed.

Mosul, Iraq

In Mosul, on Feb 1, Suicide bombers wearing explosive vests attacked offices of Kurdistan Democratic Party & Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, killing Deputy Prime Minister and 117 others, injuring 221. Ansar al-Sunnah had claimed responsibility.

Moscow, Russia

On Feb 6, A blast tore apart a metro train car in Moscow during the morning rush hour. Those who survived were forced to walk through the dark tunnel to exit the subway. At least forty people were killed and 122 injured. Gazoton-Murdash (a Chechen group), claimed responsibility for the incident. The leader of the group said that the attack was intended to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the killing of Chechen civilians by Russian soldiers who took control of Groznyy.

Madrid, Spain

On Mar 11, Ten bombs left in backpacks, on the train line were detonated by cell phones in Madrid, killing 191 & injuring 600. At first the Spanish government blamed the separatist group, the Basque Fatherland and Freedom (ETA) for the attacks, but later the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade claimed responsibility on behalf of Al Qaeda. Spain was targeted because of their cooperation with the US in the war in Iraq. In response to the attacks, the ruling Spanish party was defeated in elections. The new Prime Minister vowed to remove Spanish troops from combat in Iraq. The suspect, Abdelmajid Bouchar escaped to Serbia, where he hid out until he was captured in August 2005.