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Central Asian Conflicts


Chechnya is adjacent to the Caspian sea and has many oil extraction industries at one of the largest Russian oil fields. Central Asia will in the future, become a very important source of oil.

• In 1991, Chechen President Dzhokhar Dudayev proclaimed dictator rule independent from Moscow.

• In Dec 1994, Russian troops invaded Chechnya to start a 13 month war which left 30,000 dead.

• In 1997, Russian troops killed Dudayev and his feared warlord Arbi Baravev.

• In 1997, Chechen rebels resumed fighting for Islamic rule led by Movsar Baravev, nephew of Arbi Baravev., used bombs which killed 300.

• On 24 Oct 2002, 1000 people were held hostage by 40 Chechen rebels, demanded withdrawal of Soviet troops from the Islamic Chechnya and a large amount of money. They warned that if Soviet troops did not pull out within a week, they would blow the theatre building. The rebels were armed with grenades, AKs, explosives, mines, gasoline canisters. They exploded 2 hand grenades and probably started killing the hostages. They released 180 hostages including women & children. Security troops stormed theatre on 25 Oct 2002, killed 40 Rebels including their leader, 118 hostages died.