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ISI & India

Under Zia, the ISI became supreme authority answerable to none, having a free run after his death. Zia backed Afghani Mujahideen against Soviets with US (CIA) help. Zia had a K2 strategy – Kashmir & Khalistan. Current Command: Asif Ali Zardari is the President of Pakistan & Gen. Ashfaq Kayani is the Army Chief. Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha is the DG, ISI.


launched against India by the ISI, involved 4 phases:

1. 1987 – Proxy War JKLF group trained in POK, were funded, launched into J&K from across the LOC, They had sanctuaries in Pak, Bangladesh, Nepal; from where they were provided weapons & explosives.

2. 1989 – Islamisation Of Militancy By subversion of students from 500 madrasas

3. 1991 – Internationalization Of J&K Issue a) via support of ProPak politicians in Britian, US, Canada. b) by recruiting mercenaries from Afghan, Sudan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia

4. 1993—Extending Militancy To Rest Of India Via blasts, riots, terror, as in 1992 Babri Masjid, 1993-blasts in Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad, Nagaland; Riots in Bhatkal, Karnataka

The ISI Strategy In India

Outlined below is the strategy probably followed by the ISI.

1. Immigration

Hundreds of Pak Nationals come into this country, on false names, don’t report arrival & departure at police stations and 50% disappear.

2. Infiltration

Pak agents infiltrate through porous borders not only in J&K, but borders of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and also through Bangladesh & Nepal into Assam & Nagaland & West Bengal (Siliguri).

J&K Terrorism (Modus Operandi) - Training is given in Pakistan, POK, Afghanistan. • Al Badar 1 (Weapons – 6 weeks) • Al Badar 2 (Tactics & explosives – 4 weeks) • Al Badar 3 (Commando – 8 weeks) • Number of Training camps: Pak-91, POK-72,

Afghanistan – They come to launching pads close to LOC. Infiltration in 4-5 numbers with the help of guides who take them to villages.They pass villages and may stay there or proceed to village Porters carry their luggage. Hideouts – mountains, jungles, caves, huts of nomads (shoks of Bakarwals), Tents for 3-10 people, cooking, weapons, communications.There is a look out sentry posted out. They dress up like locals in the village and avoid security forces in general.

Other methods of Infiltration – as part of • Petrol tankers • Labourers & workers • Marriage parties

3. Smuggling

Weapons & Explosives, including detonators, timers, cords are smuggled hidden in toys. These are often seized by the Police. These are smuggled through buses & trains from Pakistan to India through Attari & Wagha Borders.

4. Countries across LOC

Launching bases are established all along the LOC in J&K. Training centres are established in Nepal, Bangladesh, POK, Afghanistan where agents can be trained. Training centres also exist in Pakistan – near Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad.

5. Madrasas

Religious schools are in hundreds per city; in some of these jihadi discourses are given for recruitment, where students graduate as religious scholars. 100 odd Madrasas are established across 1000 km border of Rajasthan and many more in J&K & other cities. Many of these Mosques & madrasas in Insurgency areas are used for propaganda, subversion & recruitment by the pro Pakistani groups.

6. Conversion

Harijans are encouraged to convert into Islam. According to census:

a. 78% growth in Muslims & only 42% Hindus in Assam. b. 40% growth in Muslims from 1971-91 in Rajasthan. c. 50% of 3000 Pakistanis visiting Hyderabad disappear.

7. ISI Agent Network

ISI agents settle in various cities all over the country as resident ISI agent for that city. Cities – Bombay, Delhi, Hyderabad and states – Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, North East (Assam, Nagaland), J&K, Karnataka, etc. They assume Hindu names, procure false Ration cards. They even marry locals, have kids to gain Indian citizens. They open STD booths, etc for day to day communication to

a. Underworld in Dubai b. STD – Islamabad & Karachi to their bosses who are in direct touch with ISI.

Helper agents come into the country to help these agents and

a. bring explosives, etc b. bring money c. lists of families of dead militants in Urdu d. money distribution, 2 lakhs – 50 families, Rs 5000 each family d. Religious propaganda booklets Jehad-eg Maulana Azhar e. Communication codes for talking to ISI bosses. All these have been found in confiscations & raids. Large amount of cash comes through post, even Bank drafts from abroad, say the local post masters.

8. Subversion

Religious instigation & converting a. Harijans to Muslims b. Muslims to jihadis (recruitment). By ISI via terrorist groups eg. JET – Anti-India religious pamplets distribution. The ISI agents recruit muslim local youth, with no criminal record in the madrasas & mosques after spreading jihadi propaganda pamphlets & video cassettes.

9. Training

The recruited youth are sent via a tortuous route (eg. via Bangladesh or Nepal) to Pakistan. A basic 20 day course later sent back to his hometown. He now has to recruit 3 and hence establish a chain. Only few trained terrorists are enough in the age of explosives, numbers don’t matter. Confessions have been obtained (about the above).

10. Finances

Money – large amounts come through via agents or via post (as above) and fake currency rackets are launched by the ISI.

11. Role of ISI agents

• To send info about Vital army installations (like missile ranges) and about formation HQs

• To send info about elections, political happenings, etc. • To engineer communal riots via blasts, shootouts of communal leaders, political leaders, defacing religious monuments,etc. • To create fear of communal tensions in muslims and convince them to stockpile weapons (and explosives). • To enroll the grief struck young family members of the communal casualties into jihad. • ISI supplies SAM – (Surface to air) Chinese Stingers to militants

12. Goals Of ISI

• Terror • Economic damage • Symbolic Terrorism – Red fort ,etc. • Demoralize the Army – by Attack on HQs • To reduce Hindu population & increase muslim population – J&K. • To create militancy & insurgency like situation in many cities (borders)