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Non-Islamic Terrorist Groups in India


A chronological summary: (The LTTE is well known for their use of human bombs by the Black Tigers)

1976-2001 – 12500 Sinhalese were killed, 8500 Tamilians were killed

850 of the IPKF killed

TULF – “Tamil United Liberation Front” – Secretary Uma Maheshwaran & leaders were Yogeshwaran & Amrithalingam

TELO – Tamil Elam Liberation Organisation – the leader of the organization – Sabarathnam

• 27 July 1975 – The Mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Durai Appa was assasinated by Prabhakaran.

• 5Mar1976-AbankwaslootedofRs.7lakh&theLTTE was founded.

• 1977 – TULF’s secretary, Uma Maheshwaran joined the LTTE.

• 1977 – 3.5 lakh tamils crossed Palk Straits, Jaffna to Tamil Nadu India for employment & LTTE began raising money from Europe

• 1978 – TELO & the LTTE fused thereafter.

• 1979 – The LTTE split from TULF and lost many rebels. • 1980s – A Police station was raided in Jaffna – 11 police stations closed down in Jaffna • The Sri Lankan Army was first ambushed. 2 died during the ambush • 23rd July 1983 – The Sri Lankan Army was again ambushed, 13 died during the ambush. • 1983 – There was an attempted attack in Chennai on Uma Maheshwaran & the TULF leader & another attack on Sri Lankan President, Chandrika Kumaratunga. In the attempt on her life, she lost an eye.

• 1983 onwards there were riots. • 7 May 1986 – Sabarathnam the leader of TELO was assassinated as he was getting close to India. • 1987 – till the early 90s, the IPKF attacked Jaffna • 1987 – LTTE handed over weapons to IPKF and 17 militants were arrested by the Sri Lankan army • 1989 – TULF wanted IPKF in SriLanka • 1989 – LTTE shot the TULF leaders • !988-89 – 2 World Tamil Conferences were held in London • 13 July 1989 – the TULF Leaders; Yogeshwaran and Amrithalingam were killed because they asked IPKF to stay

back • 1991- Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated & during the elections, 18 persons died in the bomb blast • 1991-44 were injured • 1995 – Sri Lanka won over Jaffna & proposed peace accord which was rejected by LTTE.


A chronological summary Paresh Barua is their leader. 1979 ULFA was founded. 1980-1985 – AGP (Assam Gana Parishad) came to power. ULFA was hand in hand with them and gave Rs 3.5 million to get Govt contracts. 1984 – Kachin Independent Army (KIA) trained the ULFA in Myanmar

• This was financed by kidnappings and bank robberies • 1990 – Chief of the Apeejay Group (Tea), Surendra Paul refused extortion. SP Police Daulat Negi was killed. • 1988 – Bodos – for their state – ABSU – All India Bodo Study Union • 1990-91 – Presidents Rule was imposed. Army launched “Op Bajrang” – ULFA retreated • 1991 – Op Bajrang was suspended, the militants came out to meet their relatives. They were followed by Army Intelligence (Op Cloudburst) • 1992 – 14 Senior officials of ONGC (engineers) were kidnapped. The Soviet miner Serge Gritshenko was kidnapped and killed. • 1991 – Op Rhino was launched by the government. It was a setback for ULFA Op Rhino went on for 6 months till Jan 1992. 2500 militants were arrested and crores of rupees recovered.

• 1993 – No safehouses were left in Assam (all known to Military Intelligence due to Op Cloud Burst), ULFA went to Bangladesh, along with ISI and set up safehouses in Dhaka and Chittagong.

• 1993 – ULFA went to jungles of south Bhutan and set up 36 safehouses accommodating 2000 militants.

• 1997 – ULFA refused to negotiate with CM. He thereafter intensified CI-Ops

• June 1997 – 2 attempts were made on the CM’s life. • 1999 – ULFA killed the CM’s cabinet ministers. • The ULFA ended its patronage of AGP and blew up oil pipelines and railway tracks • 1997 – The Assam Police made ‘killer teams’ of the SULFA (surrendered ULFA) who killed the close relatives of ULFA.leaders. • In response the ULFA killed SULFA leader Tapan Dutta. • 1999 – ULFA killed many Army officers (2 Colonels, 1 Brigadier, 1 CRPF Commandant) • 2000 – Raju Barua (Deputy Chief) was shot by 2 moles but he escaped • 2000-2001 – SULFA made 4 attempts on Paresh Barua’s life. The attempts were made via firing on him and use of explosives. Paresh Barua now runs the show from Bhutan. The Royal Government of Bhutan is pressurizing ULFA to slowly phase out of Bhutan.

Insurgency in Assam and the North East

1. ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) Chief – Aurobindo, Anup Chetia, Pradip Gogoi & Paresh Barua. Paresh Barua was once a soccer player for Indian Oil. (Already Discussed)

2. National Democratic Front for Bodoland (NDFB) (BODF = Bodo Security Force = earlier name)

3. Bodoland Liberation Tigers Force (BLTF) Both the above want separate Bodo state from Assam

4. Dima Halam Daogah (DHD) Aim- to create an independent state for Dimasa people

Also existing are other small militant orgs

Other Militant Groups

Hyderabad Aim – Communism Naxalites PWG- Peoples War Group

Manipur Aim – to liberate Manipur & neighbouring states from India

PLA – Peoples Revolutionary Army PREPAK – Peoples Revolutionary Party of Kanglepak RGM – Revolutionary Govt of Manipur UNLF – United National Liberation Front

Nagaland Aim – to separate from India

• NNC – Naga national Council • NSCN – National Socialist Council of Nagaland

(part of Naga National Council, not surrended to government) • NFG – Naga Federal Govt

Tripura Aim – militant groups are against Bengalis immigrants, blaming them for the unemployment & poverty & are fighting for the tribal rights

• NLFT – National Liberation Front of Tripura • ATTF – All Tripura Tiger Force

Mizoram Aim – Remove minority tribes from the state

Chakma National Liberation Zoram Revolutionary Army Bru National Liberation Force

Meghalaya • ANVC – Aim – separate state of garo land & against tree smuggling • HNLC – Aim – compel the immigrants to leave.

North West Bengal Aim – separate state of Kamtapur, recognition of their dialect & expulsion of Bangladeshi’s migrants want fencing of Indo- Bangladesh border to prevent infiltration, anti-urbanization as this has taken away the farms. Kamtapuri Peoples Party (KPP)

Other Terrorist Groups

• CPI-ML, Communist Party India (Marx-Lenin) MP Bihar, Orissa

• MCC – Maoistic Communist Centre, Maharashtra, • LTTE – Occasional – TamilNadu • BKI – Babbar Khalsa International in Punjab